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Industries Served

Industries Served

APS is experienced in all Automation Systems within Bodyshops all across the United States and abroad. All Welding systems, Material Handling applications & Paint systems.

Automotive Manufacturing

Our services for the Automotive industry include process efficiencies and engineered solutions that improve the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of small to large scale automated solutions applied to all industries. 

We offer our proven Management and Engineering processes to increase productivity, risk management, safety, and reduce costs. Our engineering services include the full-service management of all Hardware and Software designs as well as documentation to define system level demands, engineering checklists and status files to validate our design deliverables and program level success.


Automotive Conveyance

Our services for the Automotive Conveyance industry include Managed Engineered material handling solutions applied to all types of conveyor applications, standard Robotic material handling and or 3D Vision Robotic Bin Picking applications coupled with Power & Free systems to increase productivity and process efficiencies.

General Industries

We offer our wide range of experiences implementing successfully engineered manufacturing applications to solve your specific manufacturing needs of consumer goods, industrial equipment, and building materials. 



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