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The APS Advantage

Automated Production Systems provides a range of assets to support all programs, making us a highly qualified choice to be your preferred supplier. 

Our Engineering Staff

  • 90% of our engineers are Lead Engineers that can work with you to develop the most affective process solutions.
  • We have Engineering accounts with both GM and Ford
  •  2021 we help develop Ford Motor Company's new Bodyshop HW & SW Standards.
  • We Lead all hardware and software development.
  • Startup Debug, Installation Integration supervision.
  • Manage Runoff and Buyoff activities.
  •  Trained and experienced in Safety PLC's for GM, Ford and Chrysler Bodyshops.
  • Trained and experienced in EPLAN and AutoCAD.
  • Trained in all Allen Bradley Processors and Siemens S7 Processors and WinCC, TIA Portal interface.


  • We are proficient with Microsoft Project and defining tasks that reflect how we conduct business. 
  • Our timelines shows our process steps to validate and define how and when we will deliver success within budget and schedule.
  • APS utilizes a “Controls Progress Status tool” to track all the deliverables relative to the Project timeline.

Action Item

  • We manage Open Issue Matrix's to identify any and all items impacting Budget, Schedule and final delivery.

Engineering Processes

  • Fully define Scope and Targets
  • Generate Calculations to define required System level demands.
  • Manage Engineering Deliverable Status reports to show progress toward Target Deliverables.
  • File and Document Management

Our Synergistic Commitment

  • Our engineers will work closely with you to ensure that all the latest and applicable standards are utilized.
  • We understand the fundamental value to the success of your project to maintain a preferred supplier status to your customer.
  • We apply our Management and Engineering collective experiences to ensure the controls process is robust and consistent with proven solutions and specifications.
  • Many of our engineers have developed standard product solutions for GM and others and we are positioned to do any development if the need arises.


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