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With production needs ramping up and labor shortages persisting, automated bin picking systems are more necessary than ever. 3D bin picking systems automate the bin-picking process, eliminating the need for human workers, and can dramatically improve the speed and efficiency of work cells.

But despite the overwhelming demand for them, the availability of bin-picking systems is scarce. Why? For humans, the process of sorting through cluttered bins, locating a specific part, and carefully placing it into a machine is easy, albeit time-consuming. Teaching robots how to perform these seemingly basic tasks, however, is a lot more complicated. Bin-picking robots need to understand what part they’re searching for, how to locate said part without accidentally knocking over the bin or damaging items, and how to pick up the part and deftly maneuver it to where it needs to be.

Since parts are frequently obscured by other parts or their shadows, and because the outlines of each part blend together in the bins, robot vision has an exceptionally hard time performing these tasks. Another common challenge when creating bin-picking systems is that robots need to be able to pick up and transport parts of assorted shapes, sizes, and weights, which requires an extremely versatile gripper.

This complex process is challenging to automate. It requires a wide range of technologies, some of which include 3D models, 3D sensors, and elaborate software for image analysis, path planning, and robot control.

We have the collective knowledge and expertise to design and implement functional and effective 3D bin picking systems for your manufacturing facility. Our customized solutions can improve production speed and help your facility operate more effectively. Our team will work with you every step of the way and continue to provide future support even after the completion of your project. Contact us today to learn more about our 3D bin picking services or to discuss a project opportunity.



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