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APS is committed to providing innovative, cutting-edge robotic solutions to our valued customers. Robotic cells, designed specifically for material handling applications, are capable of minimizing the risks associated with the transportation of heavy and dangerous products such as glass, marble, and automotive spare parts, which can be extremely challenging and hazardous for workers. By using the power of high-payload capacity industrial robots, we are able to transport these heavy products safely and efficiently

Material Handling Robots will raise your productivity

In mass producing facilities, operational efficiency is crucial. One major factor that can slow down production speed is the transportation of heavy products, which often require manual carrying operations that can lead to significant time losses. In order to minimize these losses and maximize productivity, industrial robots are a reliable solution that can work uninterrupted under extreme conditions. By utilizing robotic cells, we help our customers increase their productivity and prevent any breakdowns caused by human error, ensuring seamless and efficient production processes.

Under extreme conditions, be assured of your serial production

In mass production companies, sustainability is as important as productivity. The transportation of hot and heavy materials can be very tiring for workers, particularly in factories that produce automotive spare parts. This can decrease worker performance and ultimately lead to decreased productivity. However,  industrial robots are specifically designed to work under extreme conditions, ensuring that your production rate remains high. By utilizing these robots for material handling applications, we not only improve sustainability, but also increase the efficiency and productivity of your facility.

We are preventing the work accident risks

The transportation of heavy materials is a high-risk operation that poses a significant threat of work accidents. Even the slightest momentary carelessness can cause harm to workers. However, with the assistance of robotic grippers and highly sensitive industrial robots, we ensure the safe transportation of heavy materials with minimal risk of accidents.



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